Aug 31, 2008

you can't pick your friend's nose

Kiri bragged about Adalyn on her blog and I'm super proud of this one so here it goes. Last night I was with Adalyn at the table and somehow we got to talking about nose picking. She looked at me and said, "You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose!" I guess she does pay attention to all my snippets of wisdom I send her way. She just turned 2 this month. To nail such a useful phrase like that word for word she must be practicing on her own. Can you think of a better thing for a 2 year old to be doing?


angela hardison said...

Haha, that's pretty amazing! What a smartypants. I miss her funny comments at Sunday dinners. I think my favorite was when she started saying, "Barack Obama!"

David and Jana said...

That's awesome! Hey you gotta have something to brag about, right?? And, you CAN pick your friend's nose.