Oct 21, 2008


I started building a website years ago customizing a template that came with a wysiwyg editor that bought. I lost interest and haven't done anything with it for about 3 years. However, recently, I decided to do it right. Although some of the design is borrowed from the previous site, I have been picking up html, php and mySQL and have only used a text editor! I have hand coded a good portion of it and am pretty proud of myself. It's a work in progress, but it's coming along. Check it out and let me know what you think. http://buildhavasu.com/test


the penrods said...

I think I'm jealous. I used to have an HTML and a mySQL book. Although they are probably quite outdated.

I like the layout of your site. What's wysiwyg?

aaron said...

wysiwyg = what you see is what you get. It basically means the layout is graphical. You design the webpage graphically (e.g., drag the picture to where you want it). Effective, but not as clean if your ocd like me.

Kiri Levie said...

I like the new background color. :) I liked the old banner header or whatever, but this one is good too and probably more "desert-construction-like". Good work little trooper.

David and Jana said...

Hey, good work. I like the banner picture heading. It is very desert, Havasu-ish. I left an email on the contact us part. Check your spelling on the we will respond to "you" inquiry as soon as possible.
I love your serious review. I agree. She's a fox. You might want to change that in case someone thinks Dad likes Kiri. Awkward.
Nice Levie Designs page. It will probably get a lot of hits since it's on the top of the link list.
Overall, I like it. It's clean. I can't wait fot more!