Sep 15, 2009

YouTube Video Bloggers

I wasn't planning on coming out of retirement, but this just had to be said. I usually don't care too much what celebrity or politician is offending or apologizing to what celebrity or politician. It's always the same. These people are adults playing in a child's sandbox with deadly toys. The things they have to deal with are of enormous import and consequence. However, the things they spend their time actually doing is name calling and becoming outraged at the name calling in order to pretend to have some sense of conscience and if at all possible suck up to King Obama (I'm speaking about the politicians here).

I am writing today, however, about the online reactions to these shenanigans, or anything else, from entertainment to business, weather, sports, you name it. The person doing the offending this time is Kanye West who news outlets report recently made a idiot of himself at some awards show. I was curious and thought I'd check out the video. I hopped on YouTube and tried to play it. I found a video with an appropriate title and a picture of Kanye West on stage holding a microphone. I started the clip and instead of Kanye West on stage I get this skinny little jackass (Obama said it) sitting in front of his computer in his bedroom showing the world how pathetic his life was by video blogging about Kanye West. I'd obviously picked the wrong video and quickly selected another. Again I was greeted by some little puke staring into a web cam giving his take on things. After trying a few more videos with the same result, I gave up.

So, to all the no-lifes video blogging about every stupid thing, I'm giving you some advice. When I go looking for a video, I just wanted to see a stupid video. I don't want to talk about it and I surely don't give a crap what you have to say about it. If I want to watch your video I'll pick one with a picture of you staring into your bedroom web cam. Don't upload your video with a title picture that isn't in the video!

Now I've wasted my time. At least you didn't have to look up my nose reading this.