Jun 19, 2008

pictures on the road

I'm out of town on work again. This time I brought my camera. These are some of the pictures I took today.

I passed this sign today and had to turn around to get a picture. Maybe they don't fix roads here. They just put up signs when they get bad.

I'd never seen a spider like this before. This thing was huge.

A storm was rolling in on my way home.

The sun was shining through the clouds on this row of trees.

There are wind farms all over the place out here.

I thought the light on this road contrasted well with the dark sky.


the penrods said...

Please tell me you were standing in the middle of the road when you took that last picture. Because then it will be even cooler.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us that you weren't in Southern Utah when you were on that business trip and saw the HUGE spider!

Kiri Levie said...

That is a NASTY spider. Remind me not to move to Wyoming.

angela hardison said...

You should take the camera more often; pretty pictures. Except the one of the spider, which just gave me heebie jeebies (how do you spell that anyway?!)

Melanie said...

Those are amazing pics, Aaron - I had the same thoughts... middle of the road - it cracked me up to picture the scene from 20 feet behind you.

Sara Crandall said...

That is a nasty spider! Hey how are you guys! I saw Kiri's comment on Tiffany Griffin's blog. Ask her if she can invite me to her blog...she has it on private. I'd love to see what you guys have been up to. I just saw Tiffany at Melissa L.'s for a girl's night last Friday. It was fun to see the old ward.