Jun 22, 2008

a few more good shots

These are some good ones.

On my way home on Friday I stopped at Estes Park (very cool if you ever get a chance). Anyways, on my way to Denver from Estes Park, I passed this sign. I never knew such a place existed (Just ask Kiri).

Yesterday Kiri and I were driving around in Ogden looking at houses and we passed this truck. Can anyone honestly think rooster stickers are cool? There's a proud wife out there somewhere. At any rate, if this guy ever gets arrested on suspicion of cockfighting, I think he's sunk.


angela hardison said...

I think I know what I'm getting Clint for his upcoming birthday.

(rooster stickers. shhh don't ruin the surprise.)

David & Jana said...

Sweet signs. If you see one that says "Oral Hygiene", be sure to take a picture! By the way, how did you miss the hygiene talk? Everyone knows where that is!

Sheli Morrell said...

nice....very nice.
from Kiri's friend

eric said...

aaron... update your blog... and read mine.