Feb 18, 2008

what the...?

I was driving around for work and I saw this car and I had to risk life and limb to snap a picture of it. It's what appears to be a Dodge Dynasty complete with spoiler, decals, american flags flying on either side of the car, mud flaps and, yes, that's a rat tail hanging out of the trunk. That is one sweet ride!

The saddest part is that this car wouldn't be so perfectly decked out unless the owner honestly though it was cool. This next picture I took tonight right before class.

I was doing my business and I noticed these rails on either side of the urinal. I assume they're for ADA compliance, but I think they're taking it too far. I can imagine someone using rails for support in a private restroom or even a stall, but who would wheel up to the urinal and grab these things? On the flip side, they do look kind of cool. I'll have to fake an injury so I can have cool space-age industrial tubing coming out of the wall on either side of the john.

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