Jul 28, 2008

transwest pick-a-part rules!

I've known for some time now that one of the sonata's motor mounts was bad; however, that particular motor mount runs upwards of $250! There is this place in Ogden called Transwest Pick-A-Part. It's a salvage yard where they have the cars arranged in rows based on manufacturer. You take your tools in and pull the parts you want yourself and then take them to the front desk to pay for them. I went on Saturday looking for the motor mount and a small plastic button to control the tilt of the sun roof that must have fallen off before we bought the car. I not only found both parts, but I got them for $10! I came home and swapped the parts out. The sun roof now tilts and the motor mount smoothed out the rough idle that we've had since we bought the car.


the penrods said...

I'm sorry, but you have just lost your right to EVER make fun of Kiri or me again for being a cheap accountant.

aaron said...

No way. I reserve the right to poke fun at any and all accountants. Kiri's got me on such a short leash (financially speaking) that I have to savor these opportunities to "stick it to the man". The man who seems to take all my money from me that is.